How do I ask a question on the new BioTechniques Forum?

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Sep 20, 2018

How do I ask a question on the new BioTechniques Forum? Good question; and these are the basic steps you need to follow in order to do so.

  • Sign in to the forum
  • Click the notepad icon on the right of the top navigation bar - a new post page will then appear
  • Give your post a title and short introduction - the introduction should be a one-sentence summary but is not a required section
  • Select the appropriate channel for your post - this will ensure the right experts see it
  • If you wish to add a poster image to sit behind the title of your post, this will help readers identify what the post is about and help it stand out. Click 'Add new poster image' to upload a new poster image (it should be around 1280×960 pixels and .jpg), or select an existing one from the 'Poster image' drop-down. If you change your mind, you can remove the poster image by clicking it again in the drop-down list
  • Write or paste your text in the main content section. You can use bold, italic etc. to format your text and add in images, videos and tables (more information on our FAQ page)
  • Once you are happy with how your article looks, you are ready to publish! Click the 'Publish' button
  • The post is now live on the site

If you would like any extra detail or help, visit our FAQ page or contact a BioTechniques team member via the live chat feature.

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Freya Leask 3 months ago

Thanks Abigail!